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What is the Purpose of Life Insurance?

What is the Purpose of Life Insurance?

What is the Purpose of Life Insurance? The main purpose of life insurance is for protection – the creation of an instant estate to meet your survivor’s needs. Because families depend on cash for day-to-day survival, there is a real need for protection from financial...

Are You Getting Cash Back?

Are You Getting Cash Back?  For many people, insurance premiums alone can be a major expense on the family budget. When you add in the actual costs paid for healthcare services, the expenses can soon turn into a burden. Each year the maximum out of pocket limits are...

Did You File Your Taxes?

Did you file your taxes? If you are receiving a premium tax credit or “premium subsidy” through the Marketplace, you are required to file a federal tax return. ACA coverage has a 2 year look back period which means if you have not filed your 2018 taxes, you could lose...

Are You Tired of Seeing All the Ads on TV?

Are you tired of seeing all the Ads on TV?  Just wait, they will get more frequent. Due to Government regulations, the closer we get to Annual Enrollment Period you will see more! Why is this happening? The Government has an Unsolicited Contact rule in place. What...

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