Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C)
These plans offer all of the benefits that Original Medicare Parts A and B provide and sometimes include Part D Prescription Drug benefits.  The following definitions are for different type of Medicare Advantage Plans.

HMO – Health Maintenance Organization

With this type of plan you must receive care through a network of local doctors and hospitals.  Your primary care provider (PCP) oversees your care.

PPO – Prefered Provider Network
With this type of plan, you have access to a local network of doctors and hospitals.  Plus, you can see providers out-of-network, generally at a higher cost, as long as they participate in Medicare and accept the plan.

PFFS – Private Fee for Service
You can go to any Medicare-approved doctor, other health care approved provider, or hospital that accepts the plan’s payment terms and agrees to treat you.  This type of plan MAY or MAY NOT include Part D prescription drug coverage.

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