Preparing for Medicare Annual Enrollment will be easy if you plan for it.  Sometime VERY SOON you will receive your annual notice of change from your insurance company.   Please take some time and review the changes.

How to prepare for 10/15 -12/07 annual enrollment period.

  1. Make a list of Doctors – Confirm if they are still in your network.
  2. Make a list of Prescriptions – Make sure your program is still covering the medication.
  3. Always know where your Medicare Part A and Part B Card is.

REMEMBER – “Doing Nothing is Doing Something”!  If you choose not to review your benefits, you are accepting the changes the company has made.  You owe it to yourself to review and make any changes you choose to make.

We are here to assist you so you can understand the full benefits of the plan you have chosen.  If you would like to schedule a time to talk, please call the office and we can schedule some time to meet.  This year we will have options via Phone, Video Conference and always available in person.