The 2nd quarter of the year is usually when life starts slowing down from the hustle of the holidays and just when you thought you could catch a break, tax time showed up! For too many people, finances are always tight and there is “more month than money”.  This can be especially true if you take a daily medication.

We have all seen the coupons and prescription discount cards that arrive on your doorstep and in the mailbox, claiming to save you up to 90% on your prescriptions for free… In my experience, it has yet to save me any more than my current insurance.  Just like all insurance plans are not the same, neither are the discount programs. These ones may be free but we all know the old saying “you get what you pay for”.

But what if I told you there is a company that offers prescription discounts for a manageable monthly fee that allows you to easily look up your prescription AND compare prices at the local pharmacies with just the click of a button?  It’s true, for as little as $30/mo, your ENTIRE family can take advantage of the savings that Liberty Benefits offers. In fact, their website says it all:

“No Age Limit
No Deductible
No Monthly Caps
No Claims Forms
No Limit on Use
No Waiting Periods
No Medical Questions”

You are already on your computer or smart phone so why not visit this website (http://enrollrx.com/hartman) and click the “Price Your Medicine” button.  You can choose a walk-in pharmacy or home delivery, enter your zip code and medication name then click “Go”.

What savings are out there for you? Click the picture below to get started!