As we get closer to the Enactment / Roll Out of the Health Insurance Exchanges, it really irritates me how people take HEALTH Insurance for Granted.

We forget that although we all may have ACCESS to Health Care in this country, Health Insurance has been the primary way it is paid for.   IT’S Not FREE and the very fundamental idea / understanding of Insurance is the spreading of risk between all parties involved. Kinda like the “Pay Your FAIR SHARE” concept.  The problem is, the very ones making these Rules and those in the Unions that Support them, Now are upset if when they hear they may have to participate in the Coverage Themselves.   Hmmmmm! Makes on wonder if they truly believe that its as good as they thought.

Let me share what I believe will hurt the system – Four PlansBronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, Bronze being the lowest cost and Platinum be the Higher.

Would you expect the Bronze to have LOWER Coverage?

Would you expect those that are SUPER Healthy or Little Money to enroll in the Platinum?

What happens when they get sick and want to now buy the Platinum Plan?   Oh Wait, they will be able to make those changes each year with NO UNDERWRITING!

This folks is NOT Insurance!  It’s simply passing the cost off to somebody else!  This will drive the cost even higher than expected!

We don’t have a Health Insurance Problem here in this Country, we have a problem with priorities!