Physicians Mutual Insurance has three dental options to choose from: Economy Plus, Standard Plus, and Preferred Plus. These plans help cover over 350 dental procedures. There’s no deductible to meet before they pay benefits. You can’t be turned down. You are preapproved for one of these insurance policies, even if you have current dental problems. There is no age limit, so you are covered for a lifetime. You are guaranteed the same premium price for three years. There isn’t a limit on how many claims you can file. You have no annual or lifetime maxium on how much money you can collect…so there are no worries about receiving benefits year after year. You can choose your dentist. Each dental plan helps pay for the same 350+ dental procedures. The only difference is how much each one pays.

For more information you can email us or call at 260-483-2305. Click this link Dental-Brochure-PMA3451-0820 to read more about Physicians Mutual dental products.