Have you ever felt this way when it comes to the Robo Calls?  Your phone rings and you go to answer the call but stop because you do not recognize the number.  Now it seems like you get these types of calls every day, multiple times a day!  You make a point not to answer the call and even go as far as to block that number.  Telemarketers are becoming so sophisticated that they are starting to spoof numbers that seem to be local.

Did you know that Indiana has a DO NOT call registry?  In fact, the very people and companies making these calls are literally breaking the law!   WHY?  Because it works and nobody takes the time to report them.  If you would really like to stop them, simply take a breath, be polite, and ask for their name and company.  Once you have that information, simply tell them that you did not ask to be contacted and that you will now report the number to the Indiana Attorney General’s office.

Below is the contact information to the Attorney General’s Office:

Indiana Attorney General
200 W Washington St # 219, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: (317) 232-6201

Would you like to check to see if your number is on the do not call list? Do you need to add your number or file a complaint either online or with a phone call? Here is the official website for the Indiana Do Not Call List. https://www.indonotcall.org/