Does a company’s customer service rating affect if you do business with that company?

This time of the year we are inundated with all kinds of advertisements. First, it’s the mailers, day after day your mailbox is filled with advertisements. If you look closely at the mailer you will see that it states this is not affiliated with Medicare. If you call or send a card in, an agent will call you.

Second, look at all the TV ads that are running, NON-Stop day and night. Look closely and you will see that these are paid actors using their popularity to create the slightest doubt in the coverage you currently have. I guarantee you that most of these actors have never nor will they ever carry the plans they are promoting.

When it comes to customer service, having a Local Agent that you can meet face to face with and discuss any concerns can be priceless. Just this week, I had a client that had a bill for over $90,000 that was processed as out of network. He contacted the provider at least 3 times and was told that the provider was no longer contracted with the plan he was in. I assured him, they were and worked on getting things corrected. We escalated the claim and was reassured that they were in network and that the provider simply used an OLD provider ID number, and this caused the problem. My client’s out of pocket cost should only have been $350.00.

Please don’t be stooped into dealing with a company that you are merely another number and not a TRUE Client. Allow my office to provide you with the valued customer service you are looking for.